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to technology, jim. and there's been some troubling signs in tech land. you know, we've seen the run in technology, as well, a 20% gain in tech overall. >> horrendous. advanced micro, to me, that's just an -- put it with the other $2 companies. throw in nokia. there's no growth -- obviously, this is like saying negative yardage in the nfl. i've got to be careful, because negative yardage means they lost yardage. you're losing in the pc business, getting smaller. western digital, sea gate downgrade, very important, because not just pcs. the tech trade didn't happen. the fourth quarter tech trade didn't happen. you're sitting here thinking the two largest groups in the s&p. >> right. >> and they're not doing well. finance is inexpensive, tech looks like a value trap. >> not good. not good. >> no, not good. >> i've seen a little nuance -- >> periodically, like you, i'm constrained by the facts. you're 100% constrained by the facts. meaning that i think that when the federal reserve is printing money, you're betting against -- >> there's no constraint. the truth will set you free. >> i h
... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] >> welcome back fo "first look." stories making news, moments ago, the nobel peace prize has been awarded. it will not go to an individual person or persons. instead, the european union for six decades of contributions to the advancement of peace and democracy of human rights in europe. >>> leon panetta says the u.s. is becoming -- transportation system and financial networks. last night, he painted a dire picture. >> the collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. an atta
're not the only ones pondering the concept, pea pod got the idea for the aisles from the technology overseas. the grocery list of apps is a growing market offering consumers from coupons to shopping lists. >>> get ready to pay more if you mail out any type of letters, starting in january a first class stamp will go up to 46 cents and up one penny. the postal service will maze the rates on priority mail services. the regulatory commission will review the prices and before it is effective. something new this year. and for 1.10. you can mail it anywhere in the world. >> hot topic for voters next month. one of the oldest civil rights group was they are saying about same-sex marriage. you made up your mind not to go to work. do you have an excuse? we'll tell you some of the most ridiculous excuses some bosses have heard. >>> and information on your mobile phone, you can get the temperature where you live in the neighborhood and you can track rain. that's what we're doing at the we have a game tonight against the yankees f you want the information just go to our app store and down load the app. i'
is running unopposed and sits on the house committee on science and technology. [ laughter ] don't worry i'm sure there's other people on the committee who balance his viewpoint out. let's meet one. >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> jon: magic vagina guy? are you sure this isn't a house committee against science and technology? you might wonder yourself how dl those (bleep) crazy people make it to the national stage? easy. they do it by less crazy than the guys on the state level. >> arkansas state representative john hubbard says slavery was a blessing in disguise. it's in his self pub lished book. he said had it not been for slavey black people would have remained in africa and enjoyed the -- not enjoyed the advantages of living in america. >> really can't believe that was self published. can't believe simon and schiewt schuster didn't grab that guy. in the state house of representatives they think the mini series "roots" should have been called "thanks so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of p
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> it doesn't the neighbors are checking on the situation making sure the fire doesn't spread to their place. what they're using ladders to control the fought fire for this particular house. they're still dealing with the fire as we speak. hopefully i'll be able to get an interview with the information officer in just a few minutes. this is far from over we're just a half an hour into it. the roof is completely destroyed. every now and then we will see huge flames coming from the back of the home. >> will be touching base with will later on to see how this continues. >> there was a deadly shooting just before 2:00 this morning on the at 1700 ave rogers avenue. the man 6 c looking for two suspects. this marks the 37th homicide this year in san jose. >> the station endeavor is making its way through the streets of l.a. to the california signed center-- science. it is making these today track
't you do today? you have the technology and the personal to do it. it is time to really start doing this. is a failed, defective agency happening on your watch. >> [indiscernible] >> good afternoon, my name is [indiscernible], l living in san francisco for 29 years, driving for 24 years. we don't need more regular cabs. in[indiscernible] directors, this is unfair. when we put our name on the medallion list, we saw the concert with the city of seven san francisco to earn the medallion not to buy one. you ignore us. then you started the medallion partner program and ignored is again. we will never sign up for it. now you're releasing the medallions directly to the cab companies? don't do this. who is serving the public? [indiscernible] people call three companies, and take the first that arrives. we lose time and money. who is ready for people to [indiscernible] it is the cab driver. why are you avoiding those [indiscernible] can i have a few seconds? why are you giving those medallions to the companies and ignoring the cabdrivers who are doing the work? >> next speaker. [ind
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anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. email marketing from constant contac reaches people in a ace they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at ♪ . melissa: so the vp debate is over and the polls are out. one shows that of registered voters 48% say that paul ryan won. but in a second poll of uncommitted voters, 50% think biden was the winner. i can't help but wonder if you will a the fighting last night drowns out the nominee's message? take a listen to this exchange between joe biden and paul ryan about taxes and the middle class. >> the only way you can find $5 trillion in loopholes is cut the mortgage deduction for middle class people. cut the health care deduction, middle class people. take away their ability to get a tax break to send their kids to college. that's why they --. >> is he wrong abo
% this year. as diane eastabrook reports, new technology is making it easier to play santa. >> reporter: there are just 74 shopping days left until christmas. >> it needs to go back a little. >> reporter: retailers like macy's are decking the halls, hoping to lure in shoppers. but this year, it may take more than fancy window dressing. growth in online sales is expected to far outpace overall industry growth this holiday season. experts say part of the reason is internet retailers are getting a lot better at what the they do. >> the sites are easy to navigate, they got the right selection of products, the pricing is sharp, they process the order, they get you the goods. >> reporter: technology is the other reason. the proliferation of tablet computers and smart phones make it easier for consumers to shop online and price-compare anytime, anywhere. with smart phones comprising roughly half of all mobile phones, experts expect to see more "showrooming" this year. that's when shoppers visit a store, scan an item for a price, then purchase it online for less. >> you've got about a third of
business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. neil: i swore it was a suzuki vacuum cleaner, we have 4 first converse -- first controversy, a foreign vacuum cleaner at the vice presidential debate. it is all cleaned up, they are getting ready for two candidates to make their way out. the vice president, i guess they did a coin toss. vice president gets first question at him, it will be paul ryan who makes the closing statement, so he makes the closing argument. javier becerra from the great state of california joining me now. congressman we were talking about the table venue, it takes the fire out of the moment, well because you are sitting at the table. >> there is enough to talk about someone will light a flame. there are so many issues to discuss. they may have to do a investigative report on that vacuum. neil: on that vacuum cleaner, i have no idea. do you get a sense, here is what bothers me about both parties, no one is talking about the 800-ton elephant in the room. the end of year phenomenon that has been likened to a fiscal cliff, when
had telecom and technology as the week's biggest liger. gold falling on profit-taking as the precious metal dropped $10 per ounce day closing the week down 1.2% although in the aftermarket session gold moving down about $14, not a great day for gold at all. cover posting the biggest weekly loss for metal slug 1.3% today for a weekly loss of 2%. producer prices rising higher-than-expected into september. 1.1% last month following 1.7% gain in august. ashley: telling us why he is fully invested in equities says in the bullish trend continues, stocks may be heading for new highs. let's start with you, 1420, a key level on the s&p. managing to stay above that mark today. >> you mentioned the cash price here in the pit behind me, watching the future, holding both of those levels today. the only issue is we are sitting on those levels right now trying to get below them right now. it'll be interesting to see what happens on monday morning, sunday night when the electronics open up because we will be very near those areas. liz: a 2% move in september, so does this surprise you at all as a tra
screen theaters; the smaller theaters because of the cost of movies and technology has become more and more difficult to keep those alive; it is disappointing but at the same time in this case we are able to do something interesting and innovative, and potentially being able to have movies, and have restaurant-expanded space and do interesting events; i love the idea of micro-businesses. i have been to the space and courtland. innovative concept. with the pop-ups going up, different kinds of food businesses, it seems like a hot time for people to have an opportunity to try their hand of the space before they find a brick-and-mortar space. i approve. >> it could take the ability of have a movie house within the thing; i hope that the bib lebovsky is the first movie shown. >> on that motion? (voting) thank you the motion passes unanimously. you are now item 14, 2012.0662g, 3014 california street. >> good afternoon commissioners. item before you is a discretionary use. proposals to legalize conversion of the subject building from a two unit building to a single-family building; no ot
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into the watch party hosted by techiology for obalm -- technology for obama. in talking with democrats, this vice presidential debate is taking on an increased significance because of the lack luster debate by president obama, a performance that has given momentum to the republicans. democrats are looking to vice president joe biden to sees the moment from republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan and much like the san francisco giants, recapture the momentum. >> he needs to show the american people that, you know, he and president obama have been on the job for four years years and they could implement the policies in another four years. >> reporter: democrats say his experience as a debater should serve him well. we are back live and people are still making their way down here for what could be a significant moment in the campaign and an entertaining evening at well. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and again, the vice presidential debate begins at 6:00 p.m. tonight. we will bring it to you live right here on ktvu. we are also going to stream it live on
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the technology and services to help you solve it. chances are, you're not made of businemoney,llenge, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. gerri: 10 chin is brewing in california without of control 10 shin cost. a move finex cast says hitting taxpayers hard. we have matt welched. talk common-sense. a projected to fall of $50 million. unfunded pension liability 400 million and they think people want them to run their money? >> welcome to california. [laughter] not just that but think of the public pension problems it is driving city's bankrupt. stockton, of vallejo, riverside, san bernardino, under the weight of the public pension obligations. now the state says get into private. >> the state says there is no logic. that these problems with public pension funds. people need help managing their money. >> california has the paternalistic attitude even against medical marijuana. [laughter] fewer people in a private sector have defined benefits pensions because they are a terrible deal. it is better to have defined contribution. the ada is businesses are
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surveillance technology. >> overall, the border is much safer today than it has ever been. >> reporter: he says with the area safe, they're working to shore up the rural areas. >> are there pockets that we should look at and continue to look at? absolutely, are we going to give up? absolutely not. >> reporter: concerns over border security, what has been done and what is still needed. mark potter, nbc news, bisbee, arizona. >>> and when we come back, the discovery of something extraordinary outside of our world. >>> well, they cut down 400 trees to make way for it, now it is time for the slow journey of the retired space shuttle endeavour to make its way home. to the california science is center toyota was chosen as the official truck to move the symbol of the retired space shuttle program. journey covers 12 miles over two days of an average speed about two miles an hour. >>> astronomers believe they discovered another planet in another solar system made out of a rough diamond. it is slightly smaller than jennifer aniston's new engagement ring. lasts just 18 hours on this new diamond planet. >>
president joe biden and congressman paul ryan square off. the party is hosted by the organization technology for obama. democrats say a lot of riding on tonight and that joe biden came through. with president barack obama's lackluster performance in the last debate supporters were hoping the veteran biden would show energy and passion and in the process regain momentum from the republicans. they say he did. >> we're lacking for vice president joe biden to show his experience when talk to be representative ryan. vice president biden has done this before. hopefully he is not afraid to be fies ehopefully he can really get to the main talking points and show the people where we think the country is headed the next four years. >> he's clear. he's articulate. paul ryan, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have his facts together. he's been there, sew knows the behind the scenes, so he's really sort of giving us flow by flow what's been going on for the last four years. >> democrat say vice president joe biden needed to avoid any gaffes and paint ryan as the face of the conservative wing of the repu
and technology in those packages when we put them out to bid. and so the amendment that we have before you today, is to increase the additional services and allowance under the agreement to address some of the changes that have occurred in the design process. and allow us to move forward to a completion of the 100 percent construction documents take other questions? >> director ortiz? >> i don't have a question, i just want to say that i have seen all of this improvement in the design and safety, really good. because i make the motion to approve this amendment. >> second. >> motion to approve. >> director metcalf? >> thank you. for the presentation, i have two, maybe there those are more comments than questions. on the design of the bus deck level, it seems like you are getting to another level of detail which is great at this stage. i just want to observe that this building is going to be here a long time and the bus operations are going to change a lot. the current set of operators, new operators will come into existence, they will merge and destinations will change. i think that it is best to
, that is something that is going to blend technology with your fashion. mr. yuni on behalf of the city in a way in which we are so proud, so thankful for this opportunity to welcome the flag ship here, we would like to declare this unico day here in san francisco. [ applause ] >> thank you, very much. mayor lee and thank you very much everyone. i think that we are ready now to spread the unico ribbon for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, yes? if we could have, here we go, just underneath, yes, please. yes, i think that everyone has, yes, thank you very much. so, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to do it on the count of three. we will go, 3, 2, 1 for our guests and for our executives, obviously we have a number of very interested photographers here so please give us your best unico smile possible. ladies and gentlemen, so if we are ready, 3, 2, 1, all right? >> 3, 2, 1... [ cheers ] >> thank you very much, everyone. and i think that we will be opening in probably... >> yes? >> we will be opening very, very shortly. one moment please. >> thank you, everyone, for coming. i welcome to the opening of s
. >> reporter: the street lights in oakland are decades old and up till now have been using technology from the 50s! but that is changing. >> reporter: the idea to improve lightning in this rough part of town. better lightning has been linked to crime reduction, and a well-lit treat is safer. >> people don't like to do their dirt in the light. so the ability to have lights on the street is a major thing. >> reporter: residents have complained for years about the poor-lightning conditions in this part of town. now something is being done. >> it upon his when -- it helps when people can see, and when people can see they're being seen. >> reporter: at night, i would normally need a light mountod my camera for -- mounted on my camera for you to see me. but these lights light up the sidewalk pretty well. they're going to save the city of oakland a ton of money too! they will save roughly $20,000 a year because the new lights use a fraction of the oldlights. and more are on the way, citywide. oakland plans on replacing 30,000 lights in the 4. >>> san francisco now has $92 million in federal fundi
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technology companies that benefited from a modest two and a half billion dollars in taxpayer grants, loans fell and tax breaks. there you have it. a path to riches. turning back to politics and the race for the presidency, voters split on who won last estimate. according to a cnn poll 48 percent said ryan was the victor. a cbs poll showing 50 percent say biden one. by a larger margin. joining me now to discuss the debate, its impact, if any, former adviser, fox is political analyst and veteran campaign strategist and former reagan political director, and it is great to have you both here. but, your impression of that debate. lofty, elevated, eliminating. >> and of the above. [laughter] at the end of the day the president was missing in action. look like he was on valium. joe biden should have been on valium last night. >> thorazine. >> something. >> he obviously did what democrats needed, he went out and basically beat the daylights out of both the candidate and the candid he represented. the candid, i think his performance diminished any chance that he can tap of people taking more seriou look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. but he's really creating debt. the facts are clear. obama's four deficits are the four largest in us history. he's adding almost as much debt as all 43 previous presidents -- combined. and over 30 cents of every dollar obama spends is borrowed. much of it from countries like china. he's not just wasting money, he's borrowing it and then wasting it. we can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> a former bus driver convicted of intentionally driving into a build is gettingied for learn her fate. theresa douglas drove her bus through the employee lounge at the accokeek school bus lost in december. she had posted on facebook she was done fighting and talking and ready to go to jail. >>> also making headline this morning a 4 engineered montgomery county boy lucky to an life after falling nearly 90 feet from an apartment window. this happened at the park montgomery comfort plex in -- complex las
the uranium or the technology to build a bomb, so it is partially true but misleading. yes, they have more uranium, but this department says they do not believe iran can yet make a bomb out of it. you, of course, can watch the replay of the debate at noon eastern time on cnn and judge for yourself. >> how often do we say this is must-see television? it really is, right? >> this is fantastic. i was watching the replay. the clips in dana's piece. wow, every bit as i remember from last night. >> it was very good. >>> an aide to paul ryan says "time" magazine used poor judgment when it published pictures of the vice presidential nominee pumping iron just hours before last night's debate. have you seen this. take a look. ryan does not appear presidential there. these photos showed up on "time's" website yesterday. he claims a promise was made that they would never be published. "time's" managing editor says no such promise was ever made. >> more rallies this morning in support of a 14-year-old anti-taliban actist. the taliban targeted the 14-year-old for many a fierce critic of the militant net
in court. apple says that samsung stole its technology and wants all samsung products pulled from the shelves. samsung was ordered to pay $1 billion in damages and is trying to get that judgment thrown out. >> when we come back we winui >> a tough commute 3 this morning heading into san francisco. we have a hot spot actually several hot spots but i will start off with your favorite bay bridge ride. this is the result of an accident that clear about 10 minutes ago. west on 80 just west a fremont street it was a three car crash. so the cars flipped over but the crewsthe ma on a san mateo bridge this morning because it will be slow for you in both directions. >> there's just outside for u.s. to step out the door. the low pressure system we were tracking has pushed his way east and is currently impacting those of you having to lake tahoe. temperatures are on a mild to talk about. 66 for santa clara 64 for mountain view close to 74 antioch 64 for san leandro and the north bay has mostly cloudy conditions with bright sunshine. palo the mud below 60 degrees and san francisco. the seven t
this ship and the technology that's on display at this museum, a test to the central achievement of the united states in the 20th century, our ability to project power across the land, across the high seas, across the skies, and coos outer space. we secured those domains, securing them ensure they were used to advance peace and prosperity, and they were not used to promote war and aggression. it is with that same goal in mind today that we have to address a new domain, that we must secure to have peace and prosperity in the world of tomorrow. cyberspace has fundamentally transformed the global economy. it's transformed our way of life providing 2 billion people across the world with instant access to information, to communication, to economic opportunities. cyberspace is the new frontier, full of possibilities, to advance security and prosperity in the 21st century. with these responsibilities also comes new perils and new dangers. the interpret is open. it's highly accessible, as it should be, but that also presents a new terrain for warfare. it is a battlefield of the future wh
generation who are much more cosmopolitan and multilingual and savvy about world trends and technologically savvy. mo yan is writing a lot of novels recently. he's published more prolificly in the last three or four years than he has before and i've noticed that he tends to move from a rural focus in the early or midpart of the novel to generationly maybe a more of a focus on the urban environment in the latest stages of the novel. but in so doing he demonstrates a little bit less familiarity with that slice of contemporary chinese life and i think these younger writers are probably more in their -- you might say native habitat when they're writing about these. >> brown: xiao qiang, a brief word on that? how this fits into contemporary writing? >> i think it's very interesting to see how the chinese state media lauded about his receiving this award. in contrast with the former two chinese, as you mentioned, that one is gao xingjian, in exile, the government doesn't approve his politics and the other is liu jiabao. mo yan is his pen name. and his pen name means "don't speak q. sots there's a
of arguments made by some people saying, you know, the defense department is a major driver of technology, the defense department is what does the internet, cellphones, all these technologies. i don't know enough about it, i am not an expert on this, but i wonder if you could discuss that. is it pro-investment to spend money on the military? maybe the other argument is that if we are not wasting its money on things we don't have to spend on in terms of military systems, it might enhance technology. what is your view on that? >> my view is a two-part answer. a, the purpose of defense services broadly speaking is to defend capital against foreign aggressors, foreign to structure, both physical, human, etc. to the extent that the defense budget is too small, you might get too little investment. that is a reasonable argument. i don't think we are in that world, but that is a reasonable conceptual problem. the second point is how did we ever move from caves to buildings, from fire to telephony, etc., without a massive defense structure? some sort of under-incentive in the private sector to eng
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party. can you get unemployment under 6% and how? >> one, you cannot to do [indiscernible] technology has changed everything. the whole scenario has changed. now you have the walmarting of america where people who work or underemployed and cannot survive on his jobs. they are low paid. you have to think of short range and long range. short range, do what is supposed to be done. get jobs to build our country. infrastructure, housing done by people, give people the hammers and nails and let them build the country from the bottom up. give people the imagination so they can get into technology and utilize it to have meaningful jobs. in the long run, there have to be structuanges. everybody needs to work. everybody's passions can to their professions. we would have a whole different way of looking at jobs and what is being done by both the republicans and democrats. >> cheri honkala, your response of vice-presidential nominee for the green party? >> first of all, i want to thank you for having us on today and having this debate. what we would do is green the economy, making sure we put job
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technology and western digital, both to a sell. firm saying we see meaningful downside to the sector near term and overwhelming deterioration of not only pcs bu krchlpcs but software as well. >> we had a 50% retracement. time to make a call. they're piling on. everyone else has cut the sector. intel was cut. qualcomm was cut. texas instruments was cut. not a surprise. probably a good time to back off and see what the sector likes going forward. there's really no new catalyst. >> you agree with the call. jeffries is upgrading walmart today to buy from hold. they're raising their price target to $88 per share. firm says they are upgrading as walmart gains a firmer footing in propelling the turnaround story beyond easy sales comparisons. that's what a lot of people have been looking for from walmart. let's take a look at how the stock has performed year to date. it is up 37%. even in a down market today it is up 1.25%. >> the analyst got some sway here but the stock is up from $58 to $75. i'm a little more cautious. they're talking about small-store sales and compse. i'd be looking to back o
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features the latest technology in veterinary care, will also be used as a teaching tool, as well. >>> well, sorry to say but the six-day old giant panda cub who died at the national zoo died of liver failure. the veterinarian said the cause of death was the death every liver cells. the cub's lungs were also underdeveloped, didn't provide enough oxygen to the liver. the cub was born september 16th. it was believed to be a female. her mother mei xiang slowly returning to her normal behavior. >>> sad story. well, on to a much different topic. a lot of fans going out to see the as this evening. i don't think rain is going to stop them whether it's going to pour or not. >> it won't stop the game, either. even if we have a passing shower, it will be brief, light and move quickly. you won't even have probably a rain delay. nevertheless, it's baseball in oakland and we have that complete forecast coming up. right now, it is live, it's our cbs 5 hi-def doppler radar. and look at the bands of rain really streaming from the sacramento valley all the way through san jose. i want to zero in on san jose
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